Trifecta Mussels

Trifecta Mussels

Mussels made with the trifecta of fats… pancetta, olive oil and butter.

A healthy dose of butter, about 2 tbs or so in with equal amount olive oil and about half a cup of diced pancetta. This is not exactly diet-mussels.

Brown the pancetta until it is crispy, and then pull it out for later if you like it crispy. If you prefer it to be softer, keep it in.

Diced 2 whole shallots, 1 clove of garlic, one and a half roma tomatoes or half a large tomato (deseeded first).

Place the shallots in with the fats, right before it begins to brown, add half a cup of white wine to deglaze the pan. Let it site for 20 seconds or so. Add 2 pounds of fresh bearded mussels, the tomato, the juice of half a lemon and place the top on for 3 minutes. Right before serving, add the crispy pancetta, a large handful of chopped italian parsley, fresh ground pepper and salt.

Serve with a simple side salad and Homemade Bread.

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  1. MyLastBite says: June 9, 20099:50 am

    lovely photo… looks so fresh!

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