Sweet Crêpes

Crepe with blackberry jam

I can just imagine myself in Paris ordering a crepe from a street vendor, paper wrapper crinkling in my hands as I chew into a sweet, deliciously thin crepe. Short of going to France (or maybe the Logan Square Farmer’s market, haven’t tried those crepes yet!) the best I can do is to make some at home.

I abide by the”let it rest overnight” rule, and my favorite filling is jam. I love that NYTimes has a recipe search now, I tried this one from 1983. I tried putting them in the broiler for some caramelization, but they looked like they were going to burn. I think they were too close to the heat and I was too impatient. After flipping all those crepes you just want to start eating them. Bon appetit!

  1. Rumiko Shinohara says: July 27, 20097:20 am

    Hello from Tokyo! You two are not only great chef but also good photographer and food cordinator!! Every dish is so attractive and stimulates my appetite. I ‘ll try to your recipe …! Please keep enjoying your cooking time!

  2. Tomoko says: July 27, 200911:36 am


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