Beef Wrapped Asparagus with Cold Somen

Asparagas Beef

I was craving somen, because even though it’s in the 50s here in Chicago, it is June and I am ready for summer foods. I remembered my mom’s hiyashi somen, and a quick phone call later, I was boiling chicken breast in dashi stock with soy sauce, mirin, scrambling 2 eggs, and then julienning some eggplant to put in the sauce.

Somen Toppings
Serving the SomenCooking The Asparagus BeefCutting The Asparagus Beef

I didn’t remember the eggplant part from when I was a kid, and my mom says it’s because it was hard to find japanese eggplant in DC. I think it’s more ubiquitous now, and it’s soft flesh soaks up the broth wonderfully. Shred the chicken with your fingers, and serve alongside chopped green onions, and some grated ginger. Add a desired mixture of condiments (I just put everything in) to your dipping sauce bowl and slurp away!

As a side, I wrapped some thinly sliced beef around some asparagus. Tossed it in a pan, browned on all sides, and then threw in some soy sauce, sugar and sake. This is great the next day too or in bentos (I took some to work the next day). You can wrap any number of things, I like, gobo (burdock) and carrot, green beans, or shiso leaves and daikon.

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  1. MyLastBite says: June 4, 20099:26 am

    Gorgeous photos, and I’m so making this for dinner!!!

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